Working Groups

The concept of Working Groups is central to how Extinction Rebellion operates. A Working Group focuses on a specific area of work and is allowed to decide how that work gets done, provided it sticks to the core XR principles.

Current Working Groups

Action Groups
We’re planning events to raise awareness of the dangers we face and what ordinary people can do to help us all by banding together to work collectively for the good of all living things.

Local Council Liaison Group
Creating contacts with local councils at all levels to ensure that their activities, from transport to housing to energy, are aimed at reducing our local carbon footprint, presenting ideas and solutions for local initiatives.

Tree Planting Group
Lots of activities are going on around the local area including events in South Cerney, Kingscote, Wotton-under-Edge and Nailsworth.

Re-gen Group
There are various Working Groups being formed to help people understand Re-generative Culture and how, even though we are all working hard to fight the cause, we all need to have some “down time”

More information

For more information on Working Groups and how XR local groups work, read this guide on local groups.
Extinction Rebellion: How to set up a local group