XR Ciren XRmas Re-gen & Re-wild

This time of year is all about being with people, taking stock and gathering strength to see yourself and others through dark times till the hope of the Spring, and for many in XR Ciren it is no different, as we gather ourselves to work against the forces that are conspiring all our life support systems.

It was very much in the spirit of Re-generation and re-connecting with our natural world that a few of our XR Ciren group ventured out the day after Boxing Day to enjoy the local countryside and each other’s company for a couple of hours.

Wandering around the footpaths and woods near Stratton they were able explore new places to many, shared with much love and caring by others.

They even took the opportunity to do a bit of Re-Wilding, scattering seeds that had been lovingly gathered in advance, and we can only hope they bear the reward of continued life as we all seek to build a better world for all living things.

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