Make the 2020 XR Ciren Pledge


At the beginning of each New Year, people reflect and look forward and often make resolutions to do better but without proper support these can often fail.  

This year we in XR Cirencester seek to help concerned citizens to more fully understand their environmental impact and how they can individually and collectively minimise that impact whilst leading healthier, more connected lives. We seek to galvanise people with information, action opportunities and mutual support by publicly making pledges to each other to improve our behaviours and change our ways.


  1. Understand our measurable use of fossil fuels for our current lifestyle
  2. Work out ways to reduce and commit to doing so
  3. Share with anyone else willing to participate and take similar steps
  4. Take individual and coordinate collective Actions


  1. Pledgers undertake a detailed calculation of the carbon footprint of their lifestyle using a recognised tool, such as
  2. Pledgers document the actions they plan to take and by when
  3. Pledges are shared within the group who support and encourage changes
  4. Pledges are reviewed on a quarterly basis

Source = David Attenborough’s Climate Change – The Facts see

We will seek to make measurable improvements in these areas:

  1. Food & Drink
  2. Travel
  3. Household Energy 
    1. Reducing
    2. Switching
    3. Alternative sources
  4. Non-Edible products
  5. Health, Education & other services
  6. Other (everything else!)

Collectively as a group

We will seek to coordinate individual and collective Actions on some or all of the following:

  1. Supporting & pressuring our Cotswold District Council Climate Emergency Manager
  2. Pressuring other authorities to Tell the Truth + Act Now + Go beyond politics
  3. Educate ourselves, our family, our friends and strangers alike
  4. Cycle/walk/run to work more
  5. Lift sharing
  6. Not flying unless absolutely necessary
  7. Not buying things unless essential
  8. Greater use of renewable energy options
  9. Change electricity supplier
  10. Change Bank to more ethical Bank
  11. Change Financial products to more ethical ones
  12. Avoid single use plastics
  13. Supporting Bees & other key eco-systems
  14. Change your diet – Be Flexitarian, or Reducetarian, go Vegan!
  15. Plant more, do more re-wilding
  16. Plant some trees and contribute to planting schemes
  17. Measurements your own GHG emittances
  18. Community Bulk buying 
  19. Community Biofuel / Biodiesel
  20. Make your own…
    1. Soap
    2. Washing up Liquid
    3. Toothpaste
    4. Other stuff
  21. Active support for local ‘green’ shops e.g. organic farm shop, Grape tree, push for reduced packaging
  22. Active support for local “Zero Waste Groups”, such as
  23. Support for local initiatives like the repair cafe and the hubbub 
  24. Only purchase things that are absolutely necessary – go a month without buying anything /clothes swap
  25. “Grow off”  – all support each other to grow fruit / veg
  26. Make a pledge at Year of Green Action
  27. Start or join a “Green-ness” group at work or with others, such as
  28. Make a “Tech Green Pledge”
  29. Educate & encourage others about Extinction Rebellion and related movements
  30. Attend XR Training to prepare for significant XR Actions
  31. Take part in XR Actions
  32. Take some time to “re-generate” after all this activity!

Do what you can…

There is SO much that we can do and we will continue to work on this over the coming months, so don’t feel daunted, make your own calculation at and go from there, together on our journey to a better place

Join us

Join us on facebook or email to suggest other impactful activities we can be doing and be part of the solution.

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  1. Fantastic inspiring content here. Truly helpful, with many useful links to follow. Respect. Hoping to come to Ciren and meet you sometime (live near Stow).

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