Greta Thunberg edits BBC Radio 4’s Today Programme

In case they need an introduction, from top left going round in a circular (economy!) way, Sir David AttenboroughClimate Change: The Facts & a few other things…, Robert Del Naja from music group and artizens activists Massive Attack, Steve Westlake Environmental Leader, Kate Raworth inspirational “Renegade Economist” and writer of Doughnut Economics, Mark Carney and (surprisingly?) forthright climate alertist, and a small and insignificant young woman at the centre of it all who you would have to have been living in a cave with no sunlight or contact with the outside world to not know who she is…!

A pretty impressive bunch of people, all talking about how we are impacting our life support systems and need to do something urgent about it.

In case you missed the broadcast, it is packed full of alarming and inspiring information that is well worth a listen / re-listen, so make the most of it at or in case that has slipped into the inaccessible archive, have a listen here

To help you pick through the interesting bits, speed through to these points in the programme:

At 16:00 Kate Hewitt, director at Aviation Environment
At 21:40 Fiona view from investors: All investors will be impacted by CC
At 25:30 Richard Dunbar: no point in divestment from oil companies – no way to starve them of capital
At 33:30 Australia on fire – quite ironic and apt at the same time.
At 36:20 Steve Westlake, Environmental Leadership: mass action
At 43:20 report from Antarctica
At 49:50 into the program: Kevin Anderson, climate scientist
At 1:17:10 mins – Doughnut economics, Kate Raworth
At 1:20:30 mins – Massive Attack on the carbon footprint of music
At 1:32:00 mins – Greta’ father Svante talking about his conversion by listening to Greta
At 2:10:20 – Mark Carney: remaining carbon budget, not on the right path, not fast enough
At 2:23:40 – Greta & David Attenborough
At 2:37:20 – Shell Gas and New Energy Director, Martin Gestler
At 2:47:00 – Greta herself!

With thanks to Paul Sousek on Facebook for these timings

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