Cotswold election hustings

Monday 25th November, 7.30pm – 9.00pm, Cirencester Baptist Church

It was a well-attended and lively Hustings at the Baptist Church in Cirencester. The four candidates all did a decent job of fighting their corners, though some shine brighter than others. The Conservative candidate Geoffrey Clifton-Brown spoke with the assured confidence of an old pro, which the Green candidate Sabrina Poole did a wonderful job standing up for the cause of ecology and climate protection.

Labour and Liberal Democrat candidates… largely just spouting the party line.

The candidates for Member of Parliament for The Cotswolds are:

  • Sabrina Poole (Green Party)
  • Alan Mackenzie (Labour)
  • Liz Webster (Lib dem)
  • Geoffrey Clifton-Brown (Conservative)

We’ve made a handy leaflet which provides an over on each of the above candidate’s stance on climate change. If you’re doing any public outreach, you might find it useful.

Download The Cotswolds Climate Reality Check here.

There are further hustings happening in the area in the run up to the election. We’ll post about them as soon as we have details.

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